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January 2012



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they pile up

My coffee table is full of books from WFC 2011. (I must find a spot for these.)

My shelves are full of books I acquired after trading in several used books. (My shelves were full anyway!)

The words are piling up on my current WIPs. (They're not all lovely, but this is why we rewrite.)

I have a lovely selection of tea from the Monterey Spice Company. (They have such delicious tea and spices.)

I have four medium-sized pumpkins waiting to be roasted. (For pie and bread and cake and cheesecake and soup and pasta and...)

I have several bananas that want to be made into bread. (Plain, with pecans, with chocolate swirls, with blueberries!)

I have a story due to Podcastle. (A lovely story about a girl who falls for Death. It's delicious.)

I have a performance/reading to prepare. (So that's why I did all that theater in my youth.)

I have two book proposals to write. (And the projects will be fun!)

I have several writing projects to work on. (And these projects are fun.)

I have a home full of joy, beauty, light, books and love. I have wonderful old friends, I have fantastic new friends. I have a beautiful family, both chosen and through blood.

I imagine there are people who would compare my life now with my life of a few years ago and tell me how worse off I am. They couldn't be more wrong.




Maybe I should do a post like this too

Did you see I am on antibiotics *again*?

You guys were awesome by the way. I don't think I have lived with people who were so dedicated to writing before, and it was really interesting and exciting. Hoping some of that extra dedication has rubbed off LOL
Are you REALLY? That's no good. No good at all.
Did you get sick at WFC? I know far too many people who did, but it's probably to be expected :P.

I'm glad you like the post. :)

We think you're awesome, too. And I appreciate that you put up with our writerly obsessions :).

Take care!
See, I don't talk about writerly stuff much, so suddenly being immersed in it was fascinating for me, and kind of confronting. Now I am home and I want to talk about writerly stuff a bit more... but I'm still in the isolating/isolated period of child rearing, and I am out of the habit of talking about stuff I am passionate about. I am making conscious efforts to change this, but of course you have to see the problem before you cna fix it.

I've been there, and I hear you.

I totally adore this post. Thanks!
I'm so glad! You're most welcome.
I'm so happy for you (and for your blood and chosen family).
Thank you, Neile. I think they're pretty happy, too.

And I hope for so much joy for my Clarion West family.