Marguerite Croft (albionidaho) wrote,
Marguerite Croft

team losh

A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law asked me to provide a story to a compilation.

One of her friends has a very sick little boy named Aloshua (Losh). Currently, his medical needs are completely unaffordable for his mom. (At $18k+ they're unaffordable for most of us.) Several people have gotten together to raise money for Losh. They're holding raffles, a virtual 5K, accepting donations, and putting together a compilation of short stories, poems, fan-fic, and excerpts by any author willing to donate some writing. There's no payment, but you get a free copy of the compilation, exposure, and a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Here's information about Losh.

Here's some information and the sign-up for the compilation.
Tags: team losh
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