Marguerite Croft (albionidaho) wrote,
Marguerite Croft

stolen laptops at clarion west

This morning someone came into the Clarion West house where we're staying and stole four laptops, some bags, clothing, and possibly other items.

Of course, these are our lives, especially right now.

We are all okay, and the house is secure, even more so now, but I would like to ask the SFF community for help.

Those who lost their laptops will not be able to replace these without detriment to their financial situation. These are essential for our writing, particularly over the next four weeks.

If you would like to help donate laptops or funds to those students who had their laptops stolen, please contact Leslie or Neile at infoATclarionwestDOTorg. More donation information may be forthcoming.

Thank you.

Please feel free to repost this and to link to this.


Just in case anyone sees them:

One black Dell Inspiron 1520.
One Silver colored Sager with a 17" screen.
One Silver/red Dell XPSm1710.
One Sony Vaio Sz780.
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