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Marguerite Croft's Writing Journal

Marguerite Croft
adventuring, alan brennert, american indian studies, americana, an owomoyela, ancient religious texts, animals, anime, anthropology, archaeology, astrophysics, bbc science fiction, bicycling, billy collins, bob dylan, books, caitlin r. kiernan, camping, caren gussoff, carlton mellick iii, carol ryles, children, christopher reynaga, chuck palahniuk, clarion west, connie willis, conversation, cooking, cory doctorow, dan simmons, dark fantasy, david bowie, douglas lucas, eden robins, environment, exploration, fairy tales, fantasy, folk music, folklore, forests, gardening, gardens, george harrison, ghost towns, gothic fiction, graphic novels, guitar, hal duncan, harlan ellison, hebrew, hiking, homesteading, horror, impressionism, interstitial, jack skellingstead, jarvis cocker, jim stewart, john lennon, john steinbeck, jonathan carroll, kate bush, kelly link, kira walsh, kristen janz, languages, legends, m. shayne bell, madeleine l'engle, magnetic fields, mary rosenblum, medical anthropology, miyazaki, modernists, mothering, mountains, mythic fantasy, mythology, native american studies, neil gaiman, neile graham, nineteenth century, npr, ocean, old houses, old movies, old west history, owen salisbury, pamela rentz, paul park, peter s. beagle, piano, placebo, pritpaul baines, pulp, punk, quantum physics, radiohead, rajan khanna, reading, respect for life, science fiction, shakespeare, shane hoversten, sherlock holmes, simple living, southern gothic, spirituality, steampunk, steven millhauser, t.s. eliot, tea, technical writing, the beatles, the cure, the killers, theodora goss, theresa delucci, this american life, thunderstorms, time, tom waits, tori amos, totems, tracy j. harford, traveling, vegetarian, victoriana, vincent van gogh, writing, ya fiction